Instagram provides a great way to connect with product images

Bianco Carrara 3" Hexagon Mosaic

Looking for more product images as they ‘literally’ come of the boat and the container is opened. Then try our Instagram feed.

This exceptional Carrara Bianco 3″ Hexagon Polished for $11.75 was a lot shipping out. Customer approved not just $11.75 a sheet comes with Free Shipping! (Prices valid for 2017).

There is no better price or quality. You cannot buy Bianco this white from any retailer in the USA I have ever been too. It is exceptional. It is the “Power” of paying Italy with a huge amount of cash for a large amount of marble at once, economies of scale. Supercharged with cash payments, so the Italian quarry has zero risk. But what they do want is us coming back. To encourage that they provide us with the very best Italian Marble.

For always up-to-date images. See our Instagram Page and if a company does not have an Instagram page this most likely means two things:

  1. They do not stock the product. They do not stock the product so you have no idea of the quality of product that is shipping to you and neither do they. All they are is a “Broker”. Bad news! You need to know the people shipping your order have access to the product.
  2. They do not care. Simply they know the product does not look great and they have no desire to take pictures of it and post on Instagram. If they were proud of what they were selling, like us. The feed would be continually updated.

Finally Instagram shows pictures of a companies product from the consumers perspective. Installed product, or samples received. This is a great took to understanding the legitimacy of a online supplier.

Today Instagram is more than just a way for companies to post pictures. It provides a checklist for a couple of vital criteria.

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