Why the minimum order on Porcelain Tile?

There are only two ways to ship the product:

#1. Freight LTL. This is product placed on a pallet, collected at our loading dock and loaded with a pallet truck onto the UPS freight truck. It takes that truck to the local Atlanta Terminal and then splits up shipments sending them on another truck to a local terminal near you.  Then that local terminal will call to make an appointment for delivery on another truck with a lift-gate.

#2. UPS or FedEx Ground

#1. The rationale for the 40 Square Feet (SF) minimum order:  In short we need weight to stop the drivers picking up your order by hand and damaging it, shippers will pick up lighter shipments (the drivers) and squeeze them between other shipments, if there is a gap, if there is not a gap, they will still try and stand it up on an edge and then just let it fall back down ...