Carrara Bianco 2" Hexagon Honed Mosaic | Out of Stock!

                                                                       Carrara 2″ Bianco Honed | SOLD OUT!
                                                                                       (Sorry) ETA June 15th
                                                                                  Polished in Stock $11.75SF

Carrara Bianco 2″ Hexagon  Honed has sold out (polished is in stock).  Please let us expain some of the process involved in creating a premium Italian marble mosaic.  It takes over a millenium for the stone to be created in the Carrara region of Italy.  It is then another seven to eight months to ...

Calacatta Gold – ETA June 31st


Calacatta 3×6″ Subway Tile $11.95SF

Calacatta Gold is one of the most requested products and we thought an update was long past due.  The ETA as the title states is the end of May – “oh no” I know that is not great news especially if you are reading this in April.  Finding a Calacatta quarry in Itlay is not that difficult but finding an excellent quarry is, we have turned down quite a few suppliers but settled on one which offered the greatest consistancy and continual avaliability. 

This Calacatta collection will not only offer the greatest value in North America but also a quality and choice that is second to none.  So we at The Builder Depot apologize for the long wait but hope our customers understand why.  ...

Buying Carrara Marble Mosaics & Tile easier than ever!

Easy Button – Works on Carrara Tile as well!

Carrara Bianco, Venato Glass or Metal buying online is easier than ever.  Consumers are spending more and more each year in online purchases and are showing with their wallets just how comfortable they are in shopping on the internet. 875 million consumers worldwide have made purchases on the web, up 40% from 627 million two years ago, according to the Nielsen Global Online Survey.

“The Internet is no longer a niche technology-it is mass media and an utterly integrated part of modern life,” says Builder Depot Direct spokesperson. “As our lives become more fractured and cluttered, it isn’t surprising that consumers turn to the unrivalled convenience of the Internet when it comes to ...