Carrara Venato 4×12" Subway Tile for Flooring

Venato 4x12" HonedCarrara Venato 4×12″ laid out in our warehouse in a Herringbone Flooring Pattern • Simple design but very elegant • Price $8.00 a square foot

Carrara Venato 4x12" Marble TileOur warehouse effort at laying the tile in a Herringbone format.  But also looks great as a running bring format too.

Nero Marquina versus China Black with 400 Years of History

Nero Marquina is on the right and China Black is on the left.  China black is covered in white veining.  Nero Marquina has only one or two white veins per tile.

Nero Maquina from The Builder DepotNero Marquina has thin long vein, generally 1-2mm in width.  China black is a mess (definitely not a technical term but probably describes the veining on China black best) of veining.

Nero Marquina Hexagon 1×1″ Polished Hexagon Mosaic is ...

Calacatta 2" Hexagon Marble Mosaic Back in Stock

Calacatta Hexagon 2" Mosaic TileCalacatta Gold 2″ Hexagon Honed Marble Mosaic Tile for now just $15.95SF

Calacatta Hexagon from The Builder DepotWith the right blocks selected Calacatta Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile is exceptional with is white base and incredible veining

Our Calacatta 2″ Hexagon honed marble mosaic tile arrived on the 11th of March 2014.  As it arrived I opened the crate ...

Free Samples or Not to be Free Samples? That is the Question.

Samples, samples, samples…  Free or not to be Free? That is indeed a great question!  There is no such thing as Free (lets just get that taken care of right away).  If a company is offering free samples then the people who actually purchase, the regular customers are paying for the free samples.  As the company simply has to add the cost of the samples back into the product sell price.

Everything is built into the product cost.  If a small company buys a private jet then they will need to charge $200.00SF for the tile.  Yes, that will not work.  Huge companies with lots of product can spread these costs over many SKU’s (individual products) so it is not noticeable, it becomes a smaller ...