As we are in the ecommerce Carrara marble and natural stone market we often buy product from our competitors.  We pride ourselves on operating our business with the lowest possible cost.  No frills marketing campaigns and allocating all resources to quality and price.  Essentially gambling on word of mouth and referrals being the major driving force behind our business.

This strategy has worked incredibly well. Given the fact we buy full containers direct from Italy we wonder how is it possible that our competitors offer the same or even lower prices.  So like any consumer (or researcher in this case) we order samples to find out.

This is our findings.  You cannot beat our prices  genuine Italian marble subway tiles sold from $7SF-$8SF.  However this is the way our prices are beaten or matched.

Number 1.  Or option one for competitors. “Make it smaller and thinner”

Spring is Here

Spring is Here


(I have not independently verified these – perhaps you have to be at a certain longitude and latitude, as I am sure in Alaska it is still pretty wintery):

The first day of spring is also called the Vernal Equinox.
The days and nights are exactly the same length.
The Sun rises due East and sets due West.

Elongated Subway 2×8" Cararra Bianco Marble Tiles

Carrara Bianco 2×8″ Marble Tiles (New Product ETA Fall 2012)

Following on from the last post and watching Bravo Networks TV show and looking through some Home Improvement magazines it is quite evident that there is an increasing popularity to larger format subway tiles.  Carrara 6×12″, Carrara 12×24″ and then subway tiles that are not traditional rectangular shapes either, like 3×8″ and 2×8″.

I had the factory in Italy put ...

Carrara Therapy with Jeff & Jenni

Picture from Bravo Website

So I finished work early today as the my Elementary schooler had early release today (I wish it was late start and normal release – I get her to school at 7:10am).  While waiting for the school bus to show up around 12pm instead of the usual 2:30pm I watched a re-run of “Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis – Episode #1 Almost Perfect”.  Being in the home improvement/remodeling business I like to watch new styles and see what products are being promoted.  Especially since our products ...

$8.95SF Carrara Bianco 18×18" Italian Marble Tile

Carrara Bianco Italian Marble 18×18″ Honed and Polished only $8.9SF

Carrara Bianco 18×18″ imported from Italy is a stunning addition to the Carrara Bianco collection.  Large format tiles have become increasingly popular as consumers seek fewer grout lines creating an overall less busy appearance. ...