Packaging of Mosaics

Each Box of Mosaic from The Builder Depot Bianco Carrara Collection is packed in high quality card and shrink wrapped for protection.  Each box is designed to hold just 5SF making the product ...

More Products Arrive June 28th – Including Polished Collection

Carrara Bianco Long Octagon Polished and Honed $13.95SF Arrives June 28th (hits the port on the 20th June)

New shipment of products arrives June 20th at the port of Savannah and then will deliver to our warehouse on the 28th.  The products on this vessel contain (items we do not have in stock currently).  These items have been steadily receiving backorders which ...

HELP! I did not order enough!

The room grew since you measured or the installer measured wrong for whatever reason you do not have enough marble to complete the task.  You need more tile! Yesterday as the installer is here and on site.

If more than 5 days have gone by this is now a challenge as that is how quickly we get through lots.  We could now be on a completely different lot. By lot we mean shade, color, veining and even size of the tile.

The tiles and mosaics come from blocks of stone.  To get the block holes are drilled into the stone on the mountain, water is pumped in at high pressure until “Crack” and the block breaks off.  That block is then moved to be cut and processed.  When we ship your first order we take as much care as possible to look at each product and match them up as close as possible to each lot.  It is a pain staking process.

Lets assume now months have gone by and the block cutting may have moved to the other side of the mountain.  The guy in charge of cutting the field tile may have had to replace the saw blades, not a very accurate job (the ...

Incoming Product

Quite a site while sitting at one of the many bars or bridges (preferably bars) overlooking the ship coming down the Savannah River

Savannah continues to be the ...

Why is the cost of shipping a small tile order so high?

You have probably found yourself here after clicking on a link and you need 10SF of 12×24” or 15SF of 8×16” or 6×12”.  All these larger tiles cannot ship UPS ground.  They will be broken.  UPS throws their shipments and there are drops off conveyor belts that sort the shipments in UPS facilities.  This will result in the tile being broken.  Guaranteed 100%.  Mosaics are okay, they are flexible and on a mesh.

So we have to ship freight (also sometimes called Motor freight) on a pallet.  The wooden pallet supports the product and fork trucks are used to move it.  Shipping 10SF or 20SF will cost the same as shipping 100SF.  The reason for this is because the freight carrier has a minimum order to cover.

From the freight companies side.  The pallet takes up the same space on the truck.  Has to travel the same distance, same paperwork handled and go through the same terminal process.  That minimum is always around $170.00.  From there the shipping rates go up but not in relation to what is ordered.  For example 100SF may cost ...