On our way to 1,000 Google Trusted Store Reviews

Reviews from The Builder Depot

Only two companies in the Tile & Stone Industry are on the Google Review system, why? Quite simply because it is too hard. The ramifications of failure can result in upsetting Google who are essentially a monopoly on the internet. It is a huge risk. The hurdles and checking process limits companies.

If your model stocks the product, so you can take pictures, you know 100% what is shipping, if you treat every order as family, pay employees well throughout the company and not push all the income to a very few at the top. Then everyone participates, looking after each and every customer.

Then you have a system that works. A company where people care and go above and beyond as in the review above shows (the time and trouble someone went to writing this is incredible, it is so easy to complain today. To take the time to write a positive review is exceptional, thank you!) and in so many hundreds of others.

For our business we are not seeking to be billionaires. It is a company that supports our family’s and in order for it to do that we have to support our customers. We have a 100% retention rate on employees.

More reviews can be seen here. We will always make the occasional mistake, but we will given the opportunity fix it. There is no “set in stone policy” it is what is “reasonable” or another way put…. “we treat others as we would want to be treated.” Not a new concept but works well.

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