Free Ship Carrara 2″ Hexagon Mosaic $8.95 a Square Foot

Pietra Carrara 2 inch hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile $8.95

$8.95 a Square Foot Free Shipping Carrara Hexagon Honed.

This is 10mm or 3/8″ (the recommended thickness by the Marble Institute of America for natural Stone) and 42 pieces to a sheet giving you a complete square foot. You will notice competitors, will a) Make it thinner or b) Make it smaller or c) Both. It is terrible and no one needs to confuse the consumer to make a sale. (companies big box and small know consumers will assume a full square foot, so just make it as such and not change the size to lure people in with the price). What they cannot do it complete Apples to Apples.

“People often ask how is it possible to sell this for $8.95 a Square Foot?” They would comment. “I just walked out of a retailer and it was closer to $45 a Square Foot”. Actually it became so common of a question in 2015 we had to create a video to explain it. A classroom white board video. In essence it was fairly simple. We are not cheap the current system is simply inefficient and old. It has been the same for over 60 years. We just revamped it.

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