Calacatta Marble Collection

Calacatta marble available from the Builder Depot (in polished 3×6″ & polished 2″ Hexagon) is spectacular in its appearance.  This exquisite Calacatta collection comes from the most Northern tip of Tuscany just past the well-known marble region of Carrara.  Calacatta has the distinctive trsnasulant white base with streaks of gold and taupe.  Available online Calacatta 3×6″ polished is $12.95SF and 2″ Hexagon polished is $21.95 a sheet.  The sheets are larger than 1SF making the square foot cost approximately $20.95SF.

Carrara Herringbone Marble Mosaic – Free Shipping!

When trying to create an impressive look to your bathroom remodel it is always wise to use good quality materials and patterns. Anything is usually judged by the first appearance so you should ensure that each room in your home is appealing to the people who visit you and mostly to you as a person. The herringbone mosaic is one of the most used designs worldwide and yet in a bathroom provides an elegantly classic appearance. The design dates back to time and the Taj Mahal mausoleum in India’s Agra City is quite famous for the use of the herringbone ...