Carrara Venato Collection – Vintage Home Restoration

Carrara Venato Hexagon 1” Mosaic Tile and Carrara Venato 3×6” Subway Tile is a simple way to add an authentic vintage look to a modern home.  Or as we are more commonly used to at you are undertaking a vintage home restoration or renovation you will find Carrara Venato can help you achieve the desired look.

Additionally within the Carrara Venato collection we offer a wide range of mosaic choices:

Designing With Carrara Subway Tiles – No Longer Hip to Be Square

It was July 26th 2009 over two and a half years ago since we created the article “Designing With Carrara Subway Tiles – No Longer Hip to Be Square”  and published it on an article submission website.  What is amazing to me is that the article has been copied and reproduced over 1,000 times. With everyone and anyone selling something loosely related to to Subway tiles (Carrara or otherwise) using the article.  Even major blue chip corporations have used the article – I know this is without knowledge of the article being the copyright of  someone else.

For the most part everyone links back to our website, which has created huge success in the fight for dominance in Google.  The link back to is payment enough.

It is a pleasant enough article and amazing how even 2 1/5 years ago subway tiles had become even more popular.  The USA 5 years ago loved square tiles, if you see any commercial building that uses ...

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