More Variation in the Mosaic? $8.95/SF and Free Shipping? We have that!


From the Pietra Carrara Collection this 1″ Hexagon $8.95 a Square Foot Honed & Free Shipping (for 2017). Limited collection purchased in huge volume to get the price point where customers want it.

This product has really grown on me over the past 12 months. It was designed to have more variation in the Hexagons than that of the Bianco and Venato collections. Essentially creating shades of Gray. The price point is incredible for 2017 it is $8.95 a Square Foot and Free ...

Carrara Pietra 2×2″ Hexagon Mosaic Installed

Pietra Carrara 2x2 Hexagon Mosaic

Carrara Pietra 2×2″ Hexagon Honed Mosaic $9.75 a Square Foot.

You can see the variation that Pietra offers over Venato. This is how our business is different. We have not just taken “Here is your white marble choice” we have taken it to an entirely ...

Pietra Carrara 6×12″ for $8SF and Octagon Mosaic for $10.95SF

Pietra Carrara Bathroom with Gray dot Octagon

Pietra Carrara 6×12″ Honed Marble Tile $8.00 Sq.Ft. and also used the match Gray dot Octagon $10.95 a Sq.Ft. for the floor. The Pietra just has more activity and overall gray appearance. But it looks incredible I like the activity of the stone. It adds a bit more to it, more LIFE.

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Carrara Pietra 3" Octagon Mosaic arrives and 6×12" Tile

This is Pietra Carrara 3×3″ Octagon Mosaic Tile with a Bardiglio Gray dot. The stone is mixed and blended. Creating a perfect look.

Pietra Carrara Hexagon ArrivesIt finally arrives, but only 720 Square Feet…. Yikes.

This is 3″ Octagon Mosaic with a Bardiglio Gray dot. This is not the best position for the picture there are 4 crates in front on me and it is throwing it down with rain this Monday morning (the commute of 400 would be a nightmare).  It was 2003 when I last saw this product, however it had a Black Dot, which was okay, but I was never 100% happy with it.  That is 13 years ago. So of course I am a little excited. I know this can come over as a little odd for non-stone marble people.

The difference of Venato and Pietra Carrara

The DifferenceTwo very close collections Pietra Carrara and Venato Carrara but there is a difference in the Herringbone you can see the Pietra Carrara has more variation gray pieces. The Venato while still has gray veining, has less variation of the base color.

On the mosaic it is really difficult to spot the difference. But in bigger tiles the variation would be more noticeable.

 On the outside Pietra is Black boxes and Venato is Brown with our Trade Marked  exclusive Logo.

Pietra Carrara, let’s start there. This is probably going ...