Damage Policy

Please note that up to 5% of your order/tile damaged, chipped, broken or scratched, polished instead of honed, honed instead of polished (please do not make us write every possible scenario and be reasonable) is acceptable.

Not everything will be absolutely perfect (there I said it – we will do our best but we are not perfect). Chipped tiles are not a complete loss they can cut and installed where cut pieces are needed. Our quality of stone is very high, prices very low. To compensate we do cut and produce the stone tiles faster than most companies. Therefore there can be some imperfections, scratches, chips and even a few mixed up pieces. We estimate that risk to be acceptable up to 5%. If you do not agree and need perfect tiles, then please buy from a local retailer where you can pick up the tiles and examine each one for yourself.

This is 5% of the entire order. If you order multiple products totaling 1,000SF of 3×6″ (that is 8,000 tiles) and 4 tiles are damaged ...

Why a Restocking Fee?

I know restocking fees are frustrating. Believe us, we do not want them either. The best way to explain is by example.  Let us say you are returning 40SF of 12×24” from an order 4 weeks ago.  You ship it back on a pallet (which is the only safe way of doing it) and the boxes are in perfect condition.  Thank you!

In this example four weeks have gone by.  We are not an average retailer, we sell millions of square feet a year. That particular lot that this product went with has been sold.  You return it to us, now we have 40SF of a lot that does not match anything we have in stock.  We can try to discount and sell.  But in most cases we cannot do anything with it.  It is just a loss – particularly on an item with a 100SF min order.  Do you see the problem.

You can look at this the other way as well (every cloud has a silver lining), you are the only person with the matching lot to your bathroom (in the World).  If something goes wrong and you need to cut open and break the tile you would normally have to re-do the ...