Carrara Venato 3×6" Subway Tile

Carrara VenatoCarrara Venato is a unique look and perhaps our favorite.  It is a whiter base with less veining.  Giving an overall brighter and whiter appearance.  Which as we all know in a small area looks cleaner.  Try it with 6×12″ or 12×12″ for less grout lines and an even cleaner look.

How are your prices so low (cheap)?

This was a really common question 5 years ago but not so common now as consumers have become used to the lower prices that the internet has to offer.  Although this might be true, this is a question worth answering. I will try to be brief, which is not easy considering how many areas of business and economics this question touches on, but by the end of reading this, you will have the understanding of what our company’s goal is.  Companies hate the word “cheap”, well not companies but marketing execs, they like inexpensive or good value – no matter what we call it the question is still the same.  How can we sell a product for 50-60% lower than everyone else and because of that is it inferior?

First lets remove the “cheap” issue with an example.  We sell brick metal 1.5″ x 3″  for $14.95SF; however, boutique retailers sell the same exact product for $50SF.  Metal has a high “price feel” to it- it looks ...