Shipping to Canada

We are often asked this question and we do ship to many Canadian customers.  I would say 90% of them ship to a location in the USA and then bring it over themselves.  For smaller orders 50SF of 2” Hexagon (for example) many select a UPS store in the USA.  We ship there and the customer picks up.

This method works particularly well on Metal items, as they ship for free in the USA.  The customer ships to a UPS store and then picks up their order.  To place the order just enter the shipping location as UPS store (followed by address) and then in the comments add any notes or reference number you would want on the message.

For freight orders (those orders that include field tiles or are larger than 100SF) the majority of Canadian customers use terminals close to the Canadian border.  For example Roadrunner is one carrier.  You could select “pick-up” from terminal and collect from the USA.

For those customers looking to ship direct to ...

Carrara Bianco Hexagon Mosaic Tile – Product Pictures

Carrara Bianco 2″ Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile

To further help our customers we are adding additional images to the product pictures.  The main product image will stay the same but now there will be a constantly updated additional image.  Where does the image come from?  Well we will take a picture. So you can see the 2″ Hexagon ...