Simply Amazing Bathroom with a Bold Hexagon choice.

Carrara Hexagon

All this credit of design goes to Instagram @401hamiltonhouse.

The product used is a stunning water-jet collection of Hexagon. The product with the Honed Nero Marquina picture frame liner in Bianco Carrara is $18.45 a Square Foot (and for 2019 Free Shipping).

The quality of Italian Marble is amazing and can be seen on my rather sad video on Instagram. I loved the quality and wanted to share. I know it was not a professional video. It was me holding my iPhone going through a crate. But I would rather you see what I see, than we use a lot of tricks and gimmicks to sell something. Because at this quality and price that is simply not required.

It is available in both our Carrara Venato Collection (16 rows down) and Carrara Bianco Collection (11 rows down) in Honed and Polished. We have added a very thin 1.5mm grout line to add additional traction making it perfect for a bathroom floor or shower floor.

Go with honed and a sanded finish and you have a ADA compliant co-efficient of friction. It is a pretty sound anti-slip surface.

Cararra Venato Hexagon

This picture is amazing and reposted on Instagram by Target as that is where the wood stump came from. A great addition against the natural marble. The Shower floor was our matte black porcelain penny rounds a complete bargain at just $5.95 a Square Foot (at the time of this post).

Nero Maruqina Strip Liner Hexagon

Here is the Nero Framed Bianco Hexagon honed with a close up. You can see how perfect the cut is and the grout line is immaculate in it’s positioning making your installer very happy.

Gray Venato Hexagon

This is the Gray framed version in Carrara Venato. Overall whiter in appearance simply due to less veining present.

Which ever one you choose. Bardiglio frame honed or polished, Nero Marquina frame honed or polished or Thassos framed Hexagon honed or polished you cannot fail with this look. You get a Hexagon instantly making the room look bigger and you get the quality of a water-jet product for under $20.00 a Square Foot.

(Prices subject to change…. apparently this is a legal thing we have to type. It makes sense we are over a decade old. This post will still be here in 40 years. Prices will change).

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