How to Install Cement Tiles

Installing Cement Tiles and videoBeautiful picture of our Avington Cement Tile at the time of this post $10.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping. (Apparently prices are subject to change…. lawyers want this added incase you are reading this in 2092, apparently inflation and other factors).

This post here which will send you to another site don’t worry there are plenty of links on the page to get back to us. Will give you a good basis of what to look for in your installer. To be more educated than they are in most circumstances. They install “Tile”. A bus driver can drive a bus it has people on it. It does not mean he can fly a pane it has people on it. While there are some similarities. They are installed completely differently.

Ensure the installer can show you pictures of his previous install, I would make sure he is proud of his work via Instagram and you check him off against the National Contractors Association. We go into more detail here ourselves.

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