Carrara Venato Subway Tile – Backsplashes

Venato BacksplashBoth rooms have used Carrara Venato 3×6″ Honed Subway Tile $7.00 a Square Foot (to create wonderful rooms).

It is probably the whitest based marble tile in the world. A great look. Especially when broken up with random veining making every backsplash or bathroom installed over nearly the past two decades with this exclusive collection unique.

Carrara Venato Backsplash

You may or may not know that these images are from Instagram. Instagram provides us a great source for room scenes of our products and new products that arrive that we can show our followers or any sales. You can check out our Instagram Page here, we show new products often here as it is easy to take pictures with the iPhone and then upload to Instagram without any fanfare or expensive marketing. It appeals to our low budget no frills marketing strategy which keeps our prices low.

It is quicker than via our website and shows our over 12,000 followers what new products have come in and what they ‘really’ look like. Not some multi-thousand dollar photoshoot. This recent new arrival of Cement Tile below is a great example.

Cement Tiles

Handmade Encaustic Cement Tiles Foire Mountain $11.45/SF

It is an unprofessional picture of Cement Tiles taken on the Crate they arrived in (it is our QC check as well as a picture opportunity). The picture is just taken in our warehouse with an iPhone (not even a spectacular or new one) and then uploaded to our Instagram Page. I love this product. I love the price point even more. Currently $11.45 a Square Foot and Free Shipping (the only Free Shipping at this time of Cement Tile).

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