Before and After with our Bianco Carrara 4×12″

Bianco Bathroom Before and After

This is just ridiculous. Look at this transformation! What era was this original bathroom from? Well for more answers you have to go to Wendy’s blog and see the designer will do a far better job at explaining this than us. The Bianco Carrara you see used to create the bathroom. This is from our collection here.

Bianco Bathroom

I think we can all agree it is pretty and pretty impressive.

Bianco Bathroom Before

Or…. This is amazingly another before shot. You could still be showering in this. I am not sure I would feel invigorated to start the day in this. I would do it – I could close my eyes and dream.

Bianco Bathroom Tub

4×12″ Bianco Carrara Subway Tiles $8.00 a Square Foot.

Bathroom Favorites on Instagram

One of my favorite pictures of this set is the one that is on Instagram. I love the brass shower fittings how they contrast with the Italian Marble.

This 4×12″ is part of a collection of Bianco Carrara Italian Marble with over eighty (80) matching pieces. It allows people to pick different sizes, along with trims and different mosaics with the knowledge that we pick through lots to get you a match.

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