Bianco Carrara all matched up and ready to Ship.


Bianco Carrara Collection Italy finest. The collection can be found here with a choice of over 60 different types of field tiles, mosaics, borders and trims.

Our business model is quite different to any other online company. The person helping you with your order is the person matching up the product for your order. That same person is helping the warehouse guys pack your order. We have a fully integrated pick and pack system. Which is essential in natural stone to avoid massive variation from 12×12″ to trims to 12×24″ (as you can see in this picture). In this picture lots have been put together then the picture approved by the customer and shipped next day.

To do this you need a large area and a huge amount of inventory. You must have over 10 lots of trims at various degrees of shading and veining. The same applies for the other products. This allows the customer service person to dig through pallets and match the marble. This results in millions of square feet of inventory. All of which have to be able to be accessed by the person you are talking to or emailing with.

This cannot be done by a company in California with warehouses in South Carolina. As the customer service person is not integrated into the process. They are miles away and have no idea what the lot looks like when they are on the phone with you.

It is this seamless integration at all points that leads to incredible reviews. We are the highest ranked Google reviewed in the Tile and Stone Industry.

The Broker model which has been running from 2000 to 2015 is starting to collapse. It requires too many steps to many un-invested people handling your order. You can easily spot Brokers. The do not have a independent review system. Their reviews are their own on their own website. They have not joined the BBB. Their Instagram feed shows no pictures of “real” product on a pallet. Pictures are generally manufacturer stock photos and finally if you ask them to take a picture of your order together before it ships…. they cannot as they do not have a warehouse they are just in an office shipping product direct from a distributors warehouse somewhere else in the USA or sometimes not even in the USA yet.

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