Silver Cream White Oak Penny rounds

Athens Silver Cream PennyWhile Oak Athens Silver Cream Penny Rounds $12.95 a Square Foot.

I love Penny Rounds (I just like the way stone can be cut into circles) but these cut in the Athens Silver Cream White Oak and are spectacular. Go to a retailer any retailer with sample boards up and a bathtub in it with nice spotlights on the displays, a nice marble floor patten put in. These will be $50.00 a Square Foot plus, and they will have to order them so it will  come with lead times. We stock the Penny Rounds. Ship in 1-2 Business Days and sell it for $12.95 a Square Foot. This is from an industry that has a historical shipping speed of 2-3 weeks.

We know we are not getting a private jet out of doing this. But we get the satisfaction of knowing that the remodelers, builders, home owners get to add value to their home or small business and not buy a billionaire a new Yacht, or latest private jet.

It is an amazing thing the American Free Market for decades and decades the US consumer has been well and truly led down a path of high costs sold a product “a new bathroom” and told to expect 30% back on their investment. That is absolute Hogwash. That 30% just went towards a new car or 5th home of some executive. The wonderful world of e-commerce has leveled the playing filed. This allows companies like ours to invest in volume direct from the quarry (eliminate the fixed cost structure) and then instead of keeping the additional profit simply pass that entire savings on. It is “The Free Market at Work”. The Free Market will technically self adjust and spread the wealth better than any Government system if just “left alone”. That is what makes America so great and unique.

Athens Cloud Silver Cream Penny Rounds

Page from our website showing the Penny Rounds part of the White Oak Silver Cream Collection found here.

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