New Arabesque and Diagonal Basketweave arrive!

White Oak Arabesque Mosaic

New Product Arabesque White Oak $16.95 a Square Foot (Silver Cream) arrives and added to our White Oak Collection and into the Arabesque Format Collection. The Bullnose and Chair Rail added on top to show how well it matches.

This has always been an annoyance for us in this industry (and about 10 other things) the lack of attention to the trims. You need to provide people with the choice, the choice to put a trim around a Arabesque insert on a backsplash.

Diagonal Silver Cream Stanza Angle

Just as it arrives. A picture taken with the iPhone as usual at the back of the warehouse. Just lift off top open a box and take the picture. Try and keep everything as real as possible.

This is a White Oak (Silver Cream), has a few names in the market. As a Diagonal Basketweave or Stanza $14.95 a Square Foot and Honed.

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