Carrara Venato 12×24" Honed

Carrara Venato 12x24"For this picture we started out with a box of 12×24″ Venato Honed and then added a few other items

Carrara Venato 12x24" HonedGreat match with the baseboard, 1×3″ stacked brick and pencil trim

Carrara Venato 12x24" and Venato Collection ProductsIn this picture: Carrara Venato 12×24″ Honed • Carrara Venato Pencil Honed • Carrara Venato 1×3″ Honed Brick • Carrara Venato Honed Baseboard

Carrara Venato 12x24" Marble TileIncredible veining

Finally on Monday April 13th the Carrara Venato 12×24″ is back in stock.  However with this level of quality and veining it will not be in stock for long.  This is pretty much perfect Venato, the idea of the collection is a whiter base than traditional Carrara with some veining.  Not veining all over just occasional dribbles.  The overall look especially with the larger format tiles is a cleaner less busy appearance.  It looks a lot closer in appearance to a statuary.

We are often asked “if you know you are going to run out, why not buy more?”  A great question.  The problem is getting this level of quality.  We can easily order more Carrara, there is plenty of Carrara but not plenty that fits the standards for the Venato collection.  If we are willing to accept a grayer base, let’s call it “B” Grade then you can have all the Carrara you want.  But we are not.  For Venato we insist on a very high grade of Carrara (a premium white base) and I am afraid that limits the amount of marble we can get.

We are limited in supply by what the ground provides and the high standards we have set for a whiter base.

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