Premium Honed Venato 3×6 Subway Tile

Venato 3x6A new shipment of Venato 3×6″ Honed Subway Tile arrived Sept 1st 2013.  Pictures taken in our warehouse with just an iPhone.

Venato 3x6 Subway TileOnce again our block selectors and purveyors of premium white marble have succeeded again.

3x6 Subway TileOnly the very whitest based tile fits into the Venato collection.

With new shipments arriving almost daily it amazes me (us that work in the warehouse) how our European colleagues have managed to keep the consistency of Venato Carrara so perfect.  Anyone with any experience in natural stone knows how much of a challenge it it to keep collections similar in base, texture and veining.  I think what sets us apart from the rest is actually having an operation and in Europe.  This allows us to respond faster, make better decisions and with the time difference not being an issue just better dialogue.

All this translates into this.  What we receive months later as perfect Carrara Venato Subway Tiles in 12×24″, 3×6″, 2×4″, and 6×12″.  We will continue to expand the range offering more variation in sizes allowing designers and enthusiastic home owners even more design options than ever before.

These pictures were just taken on a Thursday morning, opened a few boxes of 3×6″ Venato, laid them on the warehouse floor mat (before 7:30am and the sun was too bright) and took a few snaps with an iPhone.  No camera trickery – just simple pics we can then email to our list of contractors and designers.  Any interest in this particular lot please reference ‘C15 Sept 12’ when emailing

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