Featured in 'Home with Baxter" Blog! (Carrara Bianco 2" Hexagon)

Carrara Bianco PolishedOur Carrara Bianco 2″ Hexagon Bianco Polished was featured in this Home Improvement Blog Post

Carrara Bianco Hex PolishedFinished Product in the words of Jess (taken from her blog) “it’s so pretty and shiny”

The web has become an incredible place for companies that want to sell premium products along with superb value.  If you focus on quality even a small company that is tucked away in Alpharetta GA is all soon all over the World Wide Web.  Offering incredible value and quality we have grown from a relatively small quiet business to one of the fastest growing privately owned companies in North America.

With our close attention to block selection from Italy we have become a top supplier to Nate Berkus Associates design firm and a preferred Carrara supplier to the Loews Hotel Chain, in addition we have exported product to Holland, Australia and New Zealand to name a few (trying to do our part to help the trade deficit).

We often look on the web for images of our products.  There are quite a lot out there and we like to mention them to help our new customers make informed choices and to provide a helpful link back to the blogger that has mentioned us.  So thank you Jessica and Bakter for your posts ‘Tile Time‘ and ‘Bathrooms and Kitchens, Oh My! (Renovation Update)‘ and the pictures on the blog look great.

To our readers, if you are looking to see pictures on the Carrara Bianco 2″ Hexagon polished Jessica has taken some and reviewed it for you.  Just click the links above to take a look.  And questions please let us know sales@thebuilderdepot.com.

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