Getting a refund through PayPal

Claim Your MoneyClick the Claim your Money link

Then login or signupThen Login or create a PayPal account and then just transfer the funds to your bank account

You have most likely received a link to this page to get a refund.  Credit card companies as of January 2015 decided that they would no longer allow refunds to go through them after 30 days.  The reason: They want to keep the fees.  Some bright spark did the math and realized if they changed this once convenient way of getting refunds and limiting it to just 30 days the credit card company would make millions more by not having to pay the fees back, CC companies charge retailers 2-4% per transaction (they also did it all at the same time – interesting….) which all over the world is millions and millions!

That is why we have a 30 day refund policy.  But if you are lucky enough to be here your refund was accepted after that date.  So now we have to get the money back to you via PayPal.

You will get an an email saying “Adverto Industries sent you Money”, please follow the process, you do not need a PayPal account, I am sure they will try to imply you do, as that is their strategy.  But you do not.

It is the fastest way to get your money back to you.  We wish we could refund your card as we would have done in 2014, but the CC companies seem to consider profits above the convenience of their customers – but it all comes back to the competition of “those points”, someone has to pay for them and it is not the Credit Card companies.  (I am sure it will be 15 days by 2017).

I hope this blog helps explain why and the images help you get your refund, if not we are here to help

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