Carrara Bianco Marble – Block Selection and Rejection.

Some of the most perfect Carrara blocks we have seen in some years.  #25596 is perfect in every way.  The veining stands out against the white base of the block.  The veining in Carrara is quite consistent in color it has always been the constant when viewing the quality.  It is the base color that varies at we look for a white base and gray veining.

The block with the red check we have chosen.  The block resting on top is rejected.  Without seeing any veining in the block you can tell it is too gray. So gray that the veining has simply merged with the stone itself.

Some blocks meet our expectations then others like these exceed them.  This will create the most perfect looking Carrara tile.  If it is a white base and gray veining you seek – these blocks will yield the best we have seen in years.

This selection of blocks is whiter Carrara than is normal.

Carrara Bianco blocks in Italy.  These blocks moved by overhead cranes can weight over 10,000Lbs.  These blocks are then transported to the factory to be cut into field tile, mosaics and trims, packaged and then placed into wooden crates each weighing 2,000Lbs.  It is no light task.

These blocks are from the same quarry and from the same section of the quarry, but even still there is variation between the blocks.  One of our jobs is to get the match as close as possible.

This selection of blocks from Italy is probably the whitest we have seen in years.  It will take until May until this has been processed and ready for shipment, then another month for it to arrive in our warehouse.  We sell the 3×6″ for just $7.50SF which is incredible considering the time, journey and people involved in the process to get this to the USA.  Then shipped back out again in the quantity our customers require for installation.  The whole process from finding the section in the quarry to arrival in mosaic, tile and trim format at your home is 12 months (minimum).  Of course this is short in comparison to the millennium or so that it took to create the rock itself.  (Gives me an idea for another blog “how is marble created”).

Having explained the time frame, once the product is in stock in our warehouse we can ship out in 1-2 days.  Most customers receive their order within 3 days of shipping.  We try and keep stock of all products, but we do not fill our inventory with inferior product.  If we have ran out of stock of an item it is not because we cannot get more Carrara it is because we cannot get more good Carrara quick enough.  We reject 70% of the blocks this slows down production.  But we have standards and we will not compromise them just for a sale.

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