Carrara Venato $7SF and $11.15SF 1×3" Stacked Brick Mosaic

$7SF Carrara Venato 3×6″ Subway Tile • 1×3″ Stacked Brick $11.15SF •  $10.55EA Pencil Trim •  $13.95EA Chair Rail Trim • Available online from

Carrara Venato 1×3″ Stacked Brick • Carrara Venato 3×6″ Subway Tile Honed • Carrara Venato Basketweave Honed • Chair Rail & Pencil

Alpharetta (GA) Picture taken on a sunny day at the warehouse.  Just received in 4 pallets of Basketweave, 6 Pallets 3×6″ Subway Tile and 4 pallets of 1×3″ Stacked Brick mosaic – the product was such an incredible match that we could not resist taking a picture.  This pic was taken with a cell phone camera the Samsung android phone, so nothing technical and it even looks good with a cell phone camera.  So you can imagine how good it looks in real life.

Same Products as above but added $14.95EA Greek key to the picture (P.S. note the intentional slip on the greek key needs to be the other way round to flow correctly – glad we do not do installations)

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