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Carrara Bianco 6×12″ Carrara Bianco 1×2″ Herringbone and 12″ Carrara Bulnose Pencil

Carrara Bianco 6×12″ Honed Marble Tile

Above shows an incredible bathroom using the Carrara Bianco Marble Collection.  I do not know if anyone has seen how much fake Carrara is on the market – basically ‘oriental white’ or ‘chinese statuary’ are some of the clever names for China white with some gray and brown.

With the Carrara Bianco collection we have selected only the best blocks of stone from Italy and cut them to create matching 3×6″, 6×12″, 12×12″ along with numerous mosaics and trims.  Herringbone (shown on top picture as a motif insert) is one of our most popular mosaics along with 5×12″ skirting, chair rail and bullnose pencil (what is used to border the Herringbone in the top picture).

There is no comparison between genuine Italaian Carrara and Chinese Oriental statuary.  Telling the difference – well that is fairly simple the Italian’s basically have a monolpoly on the raw material product.  This means selling genunie Italian Carrara marble mosaics for under $10SF a square foot is impossible for a company to do so and still make a profit.  So if you see product on EBay labeled ‘Carrara’  for example ‘Carrara Basketweave’ and the price is $8.95SF including free shipping – this is not no matter what you are told Carrara from Italy and by the way if it is not from Italy then it is not Carrara as the product is called Carrara after the region it came from in Italy.

Buy from The Builder Depot – Buy Genuine Italian Marble – Amore for Less.

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