Calacatta Gold – ETA June 31st


Calacatta 3×6″ Subway Tile $11.95SF

Calacatta Gold is one of the most requested products and we thought an update was long past due.  The ETA as the title states is the end of May – “oh no” I know that is not great news especially if you are reading this in April.  Finding a Calacatta quarry in Itlay is not that difficult but finding an excellent quarry is, we have turned down quite a few suppliers but settled on one which offered the greatest consistancy and continual avaliability. 

This Calacatta collection will not only offer the greatest value in North America but also a quality and choice that is second to none.  So we at The Builder Depot apologize for the long wait but hope our customers understand why.  Now here is the other issue, while the product is launched in at the end of May availablilty will be limited, it will take us until the fall to get the inventory into a position that can satisfy all the demand and that is a ‘resonable’ demand large purchases by builders or wholesalers will impact supply.

While we will have good supply of Calacatta blocks for many years producing this beautiful stone will never be as easy as Carrara, inventory will always be a little spotty – so if this is something you want we suggest once you order a sample be ready to make the buying descion pretty quickly.

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