An amazing picture of 4×8″ Carrara Venato sent in by a customer… Thank you!!

Carrara Venato 4x8 Backsplash

Amazing use of Carrara Venato 4×8″ Honed (just $8.00 a Sq.Ft. at the time of this post).

The customer took their time to go through the boxes. To make sure the veining was well spread out. Ensure that any rouge tiles they did not want in their “Picture” because it is a picture they are created were discarded. They over ordered by 20% to ensure they had more than sufficient amount to remove any of the earth tones that come with such a white based marble.

Then doing all of those things. This is the end result. Complete perfection!

This can be achieved with any product in the Venato Collection, while the tile does have a percentage of Earth Tones and the Bianco Collection does not the Venato Collection has the whiter base.

Carrara Venato 4x8 Honed

Bit further away. The picture came in a huge file 11.2MB, which was excellent. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful room and it is a Laundry room!! Amazing right…. wow. What a room to do laundry in.

Thanks go to the designer Kara of Kara Herbert Interiors and the photographer Camel Brantley. Again thank you so much for sharing hopefully it will help customers with their design and color choices. Love the pale blue cabinets.

The entire room is clean and airy. Just as planned for a Laundry room.

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