Probably one of the Greatest Before and Afters Ever!

Before KitchenWhen do we think this kitchen was created???? 1990? 1995? I am not really sure. But you know when this was purchased the owner was impressed. How time moves on and designs change. We want cleaner, fresher, brighter.

Today the cost of marble has come down in price (if you know where to look). Carrara Marble once just for a select few at $50-$70 a Square Foot is used in this renovation for $8.00 a Square Foot. That is the internet at work. Taking a supply chain that used to have six steps and reducing it down to just one. Just one touch point. Online company to consumer.

Of course you can still go into a Boutique Tile and Store retailer and pay $50-$70 a Square Foot. They will be happy to charge you that. Just in the same way a Gas station would like you to pay $30.00 a Gallon. But why, why would you?

Why so expensive before? Multiple touch points in the old supply chain. Everyone added 100% mark-up. There was no internet to shorten the supply chain. They could have tried. But the big companies didn’t care. Why should they have, people were buying it. There was no way to ‘look things up instantly’. The market was “Fixed”.

Until along came the internet. Now the power is handed back to consumers you can look up prices. See what is out there review blogs and posts. It is still a challenge and you need to be careful. Here are a few tips to buying natural stone online.

Carrara Venato 4x8

Look at this transformation. Incredible in every detail. Wow. I work at this company everyday and live in some sort of “positive” jealousy at least once a week because of what people do with our products. (Thank you everyone for your pictures over the years). One day I hope my own pictures will be on here. One day….. sigh…

Before PictureI am definitely going with 1995 the floor tile just has that look. What an amazing family to buy this home and then have the vision to see what it could become.

Venato 4x8 Subway Tile

It just gets better! Look at the pretty Carrara Venato backsplash.

Venato Carrara 4x8" Subway Tile

The Carrara Venato 4×8″ used is $8.00 a Square Foot and Honed it is so white it is a nightmare to take pictures of, I know. Janene is either a superstar photographer or is well a superstar photographer.

I try. It has some gray veining but it is not everywhere. In it are completely blank white tiles. That is on purpose, they are designed to be shuffled around the area to stop it looking too veiny and even whiter.

4x8" Carrara Venato Subway Tile

This is just a sample of the pictures. You have to check out their website it is one pretty cute family. And Janene blog is far better written than my attempt here. This is just simply trying to give future customers an idea of what Carrara Venato looks like and specifically the 4×8″ Subway Tile (which would follow over to any subway tile in the matching collection of mosaics, trims and tiles).

As usual I am no expert writer. Not my skill set (still trying to figure out what that is). So please let me know if there are any grammatical errors.

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