Carrara Bianco 4×16" (taken from 8×16") Tile and cut to order

4x16 Carrara TileWe now have the ability to customize orders which is a great leap forwards.  This 4×16″ tile was created specifically for a customer.  They found the lot of Bianco Carrara 8×16″ they wanted (an entire crate of 340SF) and then had us cut the number of 4×16″ needed for their project.  The 8×16″ was $8.95 a square foot and was polished.  These are machine cut and the micro bevel is put back onto the 4×16″.

This is not our regular operation and sometimes it just will not work out.  This particular customer was looking for a shower of 8×16″ around the bottom, then a border to go above that (we just happened to have the perfect lot match of