Glass Subway Tiles – Gray Glass Tiles

Brilliant Glass Tile Collection

Charcoal Gray and Ocean Gray Glass 3x6

Brilliant glass tiles Charcoal Gray 3×6″ Subway Tile on the left and Ocean Gray 3×6″ on the right (both $9.95 square foot and Free Shipping

It has been since 2011 but this month The Builder Depot ...

Glass Subway Tile order over 85/SF

Brilliant Glass Tile Collection


You have probably been directed to this page after finding an older price on a website like offering a price of $7.45/SF for our glass subway tile.  Then you have asked “how can I get this wonderful price?”  Actually the sale ended in April 2014.  But we have decided to keep it going but not actively promote it.

Or you may simply be looking at our blog and have stumbled across this great deal, irrespective we have the links below so you can find the discounted products and then simply order online.

This special price for our glass subway tile, is for orders over 85/SF only.  This price does not include shipping.  The order again, must be over 85 square feet.  It is the shipping of volume that allows us to offer the lower price ...