Cement Tiles…. Looking good.

Handmade Encaustic Cement Tiles

Warehouse pictures of the product as it arrives on the pallets. Not professionally taken with an iPhone 🙂

There is no doubt about it Cement Tiles while not for everyone are pretty cool looking. When you see one tile it looks okay, but it takes putting four of the 8×8″ tiles together to create the pattern.

Pricing is sneaky. Anything that is new seems to encourage people to gouge customers. Many selling the 8×8″ by the piece for $8-$9. As it takes 2.25 Square Feet to make a square foot with 8×8″ tiles this makes their price $18 to $20 a Square Foot. Our price $11.45 a Square Foot and Free Shipping (we prefer to launch it at the best possible price, not have to go through the year with specials and promotions, just put the best price online from the beginning).

Cement Tile Tulips

It is an incredibly durable product. Here is our Tulips Design outside a retail store and in the interior. Exposed to the Elements. Great for inside the home  as well as commercial applications.

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