Arabesque Large Format Gloss and Matte Finish

Arabesque Flat and Beveled

Matte Arabesque (Arabesque non-beveled on a mesh $10.95 a Square Foot) with Beveled Gloss loose on Top both $10.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping for 2016 (maybe longer but best to give a date according to the “attorneys”).

These beautiful Arabesque tiles are now in a stacked where my desk once sat. As we have grown well beyond current capacity and wait for our new building it is time for sacrifice, so my desk, well my laptop now sits on the top of a pallet. So if you buy it, then I get closer and closer until I am sitting on the floor. Then a new crate arrives and I get a new desk again 🙂

They really are very, very pretty. No easy to ship. Has to ship on a pallet, so it has a min order of 40 Square Feet so it can ship securely LTL or on a wooden pallet (have you any idea what UPS or FedEx or any ground shipping company would do to these large beautifully shaped tiles? I do, seen it. Not nice. Need the wood of the pallet to support the shipment).

Arabesque with trims

This shows the Gloss Version. Here we have pencils and chair rail already in stock in whisper white. Gloss Arabesque Mosaic $10.95 a Square Foot (Flat not beveled).

Flat Arabesque Tile

Here are some great pictures of the product installed on Wildinkpress instagram page. Here.

Flat Whisper White Arabesque

Another angle of the Whisper White Arabesque installed as a Kitchen Backsplash.

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