Carrara Venato used in a One Room Challenge. Incredible.

Carrara Marble Shower Niche-2

Carrara Venato Collection beautifully put together.

All in the details. Yes we are the only company (as we actually stock the marble and do not ship from a 3rd party or drop ship) prepared to look through the mosaic to match it to the tile and match it to the trim.

None of which is an easy task and it still takes the customer to arrange the tiles to create the best look as tile is art. It is details like this that I love and we have a huge number of products to create unique space. It amazes me today even after twenty years still how different each shower or backsplash is to the next.

There are so many options of trims, mosaics and field tiles within the Carrara Venato Collection that the possibilities are limited only by imagination and yet no matter what is created it always looks so classic and timeless. Something that will never go out of date (certainly saves having to ever remodel again, which we all know is very stressful!!).

Carrara Shower wall

You can really see how white the Carrara Venato is and how well it works along side multiple formats. Here you have Carrara Venato 4×12″ Honed for $8.00 a Square Foot bordering the Venato 2″ Hexagon $11.95 a Square Foot with the same matching Hexagon used in the shower floor and then $16.95 a Square Foot Arabesque honed perfectly placed into the niche along with matching honed pencil and other trims added to add a regal touch to the design. A perfect installation.

More pictures especially before and after can be see on the website at: Tidbits&Twine here. It is so elegant and affordable. A magnificent bathroom that would make any 5 star hotel jealous 🙂

Prices mentioned here are subject to change and valid at the time of this post.

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