Carrara Bianco 4×12″ Backsplash

Bianco 4x12" Honed

More and more room scenes are uploaded to Instagram today. Here you can see our Bianco Carrara 4×12″ honed for $8.00 a Square Foot the design for this backsplash it is from lvebdesign and you should see the work on her blog and Instagram page just incredible. Working with marble is not easy you have to look through and sort before installing not just box to box. A designers eye to create the perfect picture is clearly a strength.

Also perfect “C” Grade Italian Marble is also a plus 🙂

4x12 bianco carrai backsplash

Here is the completed work with our Bianco Carrara 4×12″ from the Bianco Carrara Collection a choice of over 80 Field Tiles, Mosaics and Trims that we match up before shipping in 1-2 Business Days. A wonderful functional kitchen.

4x12 Backsplash

I love the detail you can get into on Instagram. Here is a professional designer identifying where the products come from. It is so incredibly helpful. Technology and the speed at which it is moving to help consumers save and add value to their homes (and not just giving it to huge corporations that leave the money overseas and pay no tax) amazes us! It is great news to regular people that want to upgrade, enjoy the upgrade and know they have added value to their home and not lost it in the pockets of a massive Government size Corporation with so much waste.

(Now completely off the point, so you do not have to read) How is that small businesses have to pay taxes, huge multi-nationals pay zero. No tax at all. They could at least pay something, anything, just a tiny bit towards our schools, our roads (who is not sick of being stuck in traffic) for the future. Make a donation, then you know it is not wasted by Washington. This is madness (have to take it with a pinch of salt as it is the media reporting, but no taxes paid by all these huge companies they simply merge with overseas entities).  Apologies this is a design website…..  not a political website. But I think the system is a little broken, the USA should not have the highest corporate tax rate in the Western Hemisphere then this would probably not be happening. (At least can we agree that?) It is Capital Flight. Same occurred when France increased their tax rate and London lowered theirs, everyone just relocated.

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