Glass 4×12″ Smoke and How to Install Info and more…..

Smoke Gray 4x12Smoke Gray 4×12″ from The Builder Depot for $9.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping for 2016. We never really spend a lot of time blogging or writing about our Glass Tile collection. Given we are $9.95 a Square Foot, Free Shipping and the only company with matching trims at this price who is a Google Trusted store.

Glass Subway Tile 4x12This impressive kitchen makeover is from The Happy House Project. There are so many room scenes of our products it is difficult to show them all. But we do make every effort to mention any blogger or site and the customer that not only ordered online from our business (A big thank you). But also blogged about how to install it to help others (Now that is just super nice and so helpful. Glass Tile just has some people confused on how to complete an installation and to have pictures and information online is incredibly encouraging for everyone).

Before and AfterIf you are lucky enough to have it; please take the time to read her blog on this incredible kitchen renovation. The value that is being added not just to the home in dollars but in just improving the rooms that you see everyday. A morning coffee in that Kitchen nook would make me a lot more happier that in the 1970’s version. A better way to start the day.

Grouting Glass Subway TilesSuch a helpful blog: here we have installing glass Subway Tile (here was 4×12″ Smoke) and then more information from this post of grouting 4×12″ (but would work with any of our gloss glass tiles).
Screen Shot from The Happy House ProjectThe Blogger “Happy House Project” goes into great detail on installation and installing Glass Tile. A huge thank you to The Happy House Project. You can read more here and as it is simply put “Loving where you live” (great way to put it).

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