The Classic 3×6″ Italian Marble Available in Honed or Polished

Bianco Carrara 3x6 Subway Tile

Italian Marble 3×6″ Subway Tile Honed $7.00 Sq.Ft. also available in polished. Part of a broader collection of over eighty (80) Subway Tiles, Mosaics and Trims from the Bianco Carrara 100% Italian Marble Collection.

The marble is from Carrara, Italy. Tuscany. More directly from the Apuan Alps, this mountainous region created a astronomical amount of marble and more particularly a marble that is such unique it style and size. The The Carrara Marble Grade is known to exist as high as 5,500 Feet above Sea Level. Marble deposits can be somewhat like an iceberg so while it also comes up it undoubtedly goes down into the ground as well. How deep no one knows and how much is not clear, but what is clear it has been quarried since Roman Times. In fact Micheal Angelo was one of the first people to recognize this particular marble as one that could be crafted with a chisel and spent years at the quarry working with the stone (believe me the Statue of David was not his first run….  somewhere now destroyed as at the time no one would have realized its value there were multiple other attempts).

It actually provides direct employment to about 6,000 Italians but as with all business it creates a ripple effect which supports 75,000 people because of the industry. The closest city is Pisa about 32 miles away.  (As we are the largest importer of this product in the USA, we thought a little background would be useful).

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