Beveled 3×6" Subway Tile (Mesh-Mosaic) Just Arrived! $8.95SF

Pallet of 3x6 Beveled Mosaic Tile

Apologies for the story journey here from Alpharetta, GA. But I have waited over a year for this product and quite excited!  First you have to cut off the straps, then lift of the lid and then you see this. Perfectly shrink wrapped boxes of beautiful Italian marble cut up and given a 9mm bevel and attached to a mesh. This is the first time seeing it in person (we see production pics from our European office). This is at the back of our warehouse so you can see the warehouse lights about 30/40FT in the air shining down on the shrink wrap.  First thing I notice is how well it is packed, perfect. The crate was made precisely for this product. It just looks pretty (so I wanted to share). Then through the window I can see the marble. It looks really good. We know the price is low, it is a new product and we like to give the first few crates a great price so it will be on sale for $8.95 a Square Foot.

Carrara 3x6

Italian Marble Beveled 3×6″ Subway Tile attached to a mesh mosaic for $8.95 a Square Foot.

Okay. So out with the box and take off the shrink wrap. Let’s examine this mosaic (or tile, so used to 3×6″ being a loose tile on a mosaic is new to us, great idea, easier to install, but adds more cost. On the other side it saves on installation as it is so much quicker, would love to get the feedback, if a 3×6″ mesh mosaic can be installed for $3.00 a square foot less but made for just $1.50 a Square Foot more then we should be working together to lower your total installed cost. The installer will not be happy, but the idea is to save our customers money, not make installers more money). Anyway, back to the product. Wow, it looks good and I love the feel. It is a really tactile (not sure if that is the correct word) touchy product, you want to rub your hands over it. Actually you have to! Try and resist.

Carrara Bianco 3x6

This is the Polished 3×6″ Beveled Italian marble tile again the price is the same $8.95 a Square foot. I am sorry but you cannot see the polish from this angle. So I have to take one more getting the warehouse lights to reflect of the marble.

Carrara Bianco Polished 3x6

Here we go now you can see the warehouse lights reflecting of this image. Polished 3×6″ Beveled Subway Tile available online from The Builder Depot.  With 2 new products added the Bianco collection alone is now over 120 different products of Field tiles, Mosaics and Trims.

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