New additions to the Largest Nero Marquina Collection in the USA

Nero Marquina 3x3

New Products arrive this is Nero Marquina Spanish Black Marble Hexagon in 3″ available in Honed and Polished for $11.45 a Square Foot.  You can instantly see the difference between product from Spain to that from China.

Nero Marquina 3x3 Hexagon Polished

This is a picture of a box of the 3×3″ Nero Marquina Hexagon Polished ($11.45 a Square Foot) laid out in our warehouse to show the veining (and again apologies picture taken with iPhone, and now it is 90F in the warehouse so the pictures are getting a little hurried – phew!).

The real beauty of Nero Marquina is you get the white veining but not to the crazy extent of China Black.  That is just too busy in our opinion.  This seems Nero quarry seems to be the perfect balance of white veining and black marble.  Perfection.  But then it is a product, a design and open to anyones interpretation.  But we like it.  We do have some China Black on sale but mainly it is there just to show how nice the REAL product from Spain is 🙂

5x5 Hexagon

Honed Nero Marquina 5″ Hexagon Mosaic is $12.95 a Sheet.  It is also available in Polished. The Builder Depot has the largest stocked selection of Nero Marquina Black Marble in the USA.  Stocked in Georgia!

Black Marble Nero Collection

A Screenshot of just a few of the 56 different Nero Marquina products as part of the Nero Marquina Collection

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