Calacatta Gold Production in Italy – Polished and Honed

Calacatta Gold Tiles PolishedIt is nice to see the production of our Calacatta Marble 6×12″ Honed being made in Italy available for $17.95SF from The Builder Depot.

Our European office is always providing feedback and pictures of production from Italy and here you can see some Calacatta during the final stages of production.  The difference between us and any single tile and stone retailer, we have people in Europe.  This is vital with Italian production as they are on the same time zone, they can work together closely and keep the product to the standards we set and reject those blocks that does not meet our requirements.

Occasionally we can go through months without having lots of this Calacatta Gold as we cannot find the quality that suits our requirements. That is why you see our collection frequently out of stock of many items.  This can result in some very angry emails from customers.  But please understand we are not out of stock because we choose to be, so please do not be angry at our sales staff. This is not a product that can be made in a factory.  It is a natural product and we have no control over what comes out of the mountain.

We focus on is quality (the quarry already knows the price point we need) so when we see pictures like this, we are very excited.  This is the exact type of Calacatta Gold we want.  This is they quality we are aiming for.  Any questions please let the Calacatta department know you can send them a message if you have any questions on stock.

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