Carrara Bianco 1" Pennyround Mosaic Tile

Carrara Bianco 1" Pennyround MosaicCarrara Bianco 1″ (25m) Pennyround Marble Mosaic Tile $12.95/SF available online from The Builder Depot.  This is an incredible lot of mosaic sometimes it just looks good it has a slightly lighter base and then the perfect veining in the stone, you can see how it shows in this picture.  Lot# BLG050914 (for reference when ordering).

Carrara Pennyrounds SpecificationsLayout of our Carrara Bianco 1″ Pennyrounds.

 Carrara Bianco Pennyrounds TilesPremium 1″ Pennyround Mosaic Tile incredible how they cut this stone into circles.  What perhaps is equally amazing is the fact that we can sell this quality for $12.95 a sheet.  How long will this stay in stock?  Not long with retailers selling this for $40.00/SF+.  Why do we sell for just $12.95/SF – because we can.  Keeping our operational costs low and getting this direct from the quarry is the key to being able to sell for incredible prices.  You won’t see us advertising in Home and Garden for hundreds of thousands of dollars or fancy graphics with pictures of ladies in tile dresses.  All our pictures are taken by our warehouse employees with just an iPhone.  That is “No Frills Marketing” taken to the extreme.

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