The packaging of our Earthworks Metal Mosaic

Metal Mosaic BoxMetal Mosaic packed in a box

2x2 Metal MosaicWhen you open the box the mosaic are inside, each has a piece of foam between each tile

Film Covering itA plastic film covers the 304 stainless steel mosaic keeping it at it best during transportation

And the mosaicAnd then out of the box and film removed

We thought a post on how the metal is packaged may be a big help.  So here are some pictures showing how it looks in the box.  There is quite a bit of effort at the factory to make sure by the time it gets to you it looks perfect.  Please note orders under full box quantities we’ll wrap in bubble wrap and send in another box.

While this may not be the same format the packaging whether Metal Mosaic 1×1″, Metal Mosaic Pennyrounds or Metal Mosaic 1×2″ remains the same.  Any questions please let us know (and remember our metal mosaic ships for free!)

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