Premium 8×16" and 16×16" Italian Carrara Marble Tiles

 New for 2013 Carrara Bianco 8×16″ Subway Tile $9.95SF • Skirting • Pencil Bullnose • Herringbone

Carrara Bianco 8×16″

The 8×16″ Subway tile with corresponding 16×16″ field tile is new for 2013.  The first new products of the year.  We have only received in a few crates to try out this format and now regret getting in such a small amount.  If the Italian factory could better communicate the quality of the blocks they are cutting then we would have been happy to buy a few containers of this material.

This is one of the better, if not the best Carrara Bianco we have seen out of Italy.  For all those fans of traditional Carrara it does not get much better.  The product is a classic, light gray base with darker gray veining all over the stone.  No two pieces are alike and that is the beauty of natural stone.  You can email us with regards to this image and ordering some of the 8×16″ at then reference this blog.  Or simply go online, enter in the quantity you need and the shipping calculator will work out a quote for you prior to making any payment.

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