Carrara Bianco Collection Honed

Carrara Bianco 12×24″ Honed (Italian’s occasionally stamp the edges of their tile).  $12.50SF available online

We added 3×8″ to show how well our collections go together.  You could consider using the 3×8″ in a Herringbone format on the floor.  A herringbone is generally thought of in terms of 1×2″ mesh mosaic.  A 3×8″ with it’s slightly longer format (over blocked, 1×2″, 2×4″, 3×6″) creates a perfect Herringbone pattern.

Stella Long Octagon • Honed Hexagon 1″ Honed • Stella Long Octagon Polished

Added some trims.  Again showing a perfect match to the Italian ‘C’ grade 12×24″ marble tiles.

Chair rail Honed • Pencil trim Honed • Skirting Baseboard Honed • Basketweave Honed • Stella Long Octagon Honed • Herringbone 1×2″ Honed

Pictures taken at 7:30am.  The sun coming up and showing throughout the pictures. All pictures taken with Samsung II mobile phone (if it looks this good through the lens of a mobile phone image how good it looks on your wall)

At the we like to go through boxes, take out product and check how the Carrara Bianco 12×24″ ‘C’ grade matches the 3×8″, matches the Hexagon, matches the baseboard, (you get the point).  We are the only company that has a blog showing how (week to week) our products go together.  The only company that takes pictures, why?  Because we are very proud of how well it looks.

You can also see how the Carrara Bianco looks installed on DIY network “Back to the Past” episode.  They make it look easy as always.

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