Italian Carrara 12×24" Honed Marble Tile

Italian Carrara Bianco 12×24″ Honed

‘C’ Grade Italian Marble (The best Italy has to offer).

There is no better marble.  When we bring in ‘C’ grade Italian marble we bring in the very best!  Unlike other retailers that have to buy through an elaborate supply chain adding 100% markups as it is passed from importer to distributor to sub-distributor and then to a retailer. goes direct to Italy.

From Italy we buy volume (especially when the mountain is yielding such high quality stone).  We buy more than any other retailer or wholesaler in North America.  It is these economies of scale and a no frills business and marketing strategy that allow us to sell ‘C’ grade Italian Carrara 12×24″ tiles for just $12.50SF.

There is always cheaper.  For example you can get a lower grade product or you can buy from Turkey.  There is always someone selling a lower grade product for less.  Reducing the quality and competing on price is not for us.  At we aim to sell premium products.  Our 12×24″ Carrara ‘C’ grade sells for $40 to $50SF at high end tile and stone retailers.  We take that very same product and sell it for $12.50SF.  How?  We remove all the marketing costs, retail showroom costs, supply chain markup costs and pretty much every other possible cost apart from quality of product.

We want our customers to have the  best quality for the best possible price.

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