HELP! I did not order enough!

The room grew since you measured or the installer measured wrong for whatever reason you do not have enough marble to complete the task.  You need more tile! Yesterday as the installer is here and on site.

If more than 5 days have gone by this is now a challenge as that is how quickly we get through lots.  We could now be on a completely different lot. By lot we mean shade, color, veining and even size of the tile.

The tiles and mosaics come from blocks of stone.  To get the block holes are drilled into the stone on the mountain, water is pumped in at high pressure until “Crack” and the block breaks off.  That block is then moved to be cut and processed.  When we ship your first order we take as much care as possible to look at each product and match them up as close as possible to each lot.  It is a pain staking process.

Lets assume now months have gone by and the block cutting may have moved to the other side of the mountain.  The guy in charge of cutting the field tile may have had to replace the saw blades, not a very accurate job (the Italians who have been doing this for centuries continue the same way, this is so much a generational job) they do it by eye.  They can be off by 1/8″ on the next lots of 6×12″.  (For them they assume that this is okay, as people order by ‘Lots’ why would they not do that?)  We will use 6×12 as an example and you need a matching 6×12″ to complete the bathroom it may well:

  1. Come from a different section of the mountain
  2. The product is a slightly different size
  3. Be a totally different shade

At this point the safest way is to:

  1. Send us a tile or sample of what you wish us to match to.  So we can essentially go back to square one and matching up from the original lot.  We can then send you photo’s of the closest match we can find and you can approve or reject.  You can then a) wait for another lot to appear that is closer or b) try local retailers for a match.

Not ordering everything at once presents a huge challenge not only because the customer is most likely in the middle of the install and wants it yesterday but also because it is not easy to match.  The beauty of marble is that it is unique the challenge when trying to match to an existing lot is that they do not match.

For mosaics it is easier the sizes are set by the mold so we do not have to worry about the size different, just color, shade and veining.  Again a sample is required to get a perfect match.

Please, please, please do not just order and hope.  Then call us and be angry saying we have to pick it up it does not match the tile I ordered 4 weeks ago is not the same shade as I have now.  Why did you not know that I would not have ordered enough (believe me if we knew that we would not be doing this – we would have won the lottery years ago, as this is being able to predict the future).

I am sorry – we are here to help, we want you to have the best possible looking bathroom.  If you would like this post to be softer or fluffier, please let me know at (mention the post).  It is candid but that is how we like to be.  Upfront and Honest! But they does not suit everyone, feedback is essential if it needs more fluff and hugs, please let us know.  We love our customers and are here to help, but we are limited by physics.

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