Elongated Subway 2×8" Cararra Bianco Marble Tiles

Carrara Bianco 2×8″ Marble Tiles (New Product ETA Fall 2012)

Following on from the last post and watching Bravo Networks TV show and looking through some Home Improvement magazines it is quite evident that there is an increasing popularity to larger format subway tiles.  Carrara 6×12″, Carrara 12×24″ and then subway tiles that are not traditional rectangular shapes either, like 3×8″ and 2×8″.

I had the factory in Italy put together some 2×8″ tiles and email me a picture.  They are really, really pretty and different.  This would look incredible in a brick format, but even better in a herringbone format on the floor.

Either way the Carrara Bianco 3×8″ honed and polished will be here in 10 days.  Then the 2×8″ will be here (I know it states fall) I hope around July/August.  It will be interesting to see how popular these sizes truly are.

Any questions with regards to the 3×8″ or a quote please email me david@thebuilderdepot.com or call 800-308-9359 (mention this blog and you will receive an additional 5% off the price of the 3×8″ tile – offer closes April 1st 2012).

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