When making a Return Freight – Document!

When making a return freight/on a pallet you want good documentation and evidence that the product was well packed and left you in excellent condition (pics are the only way to do this).  On the other end we will check it and if there is damage you will want to claim a) The product damage and b) The shipping Charge.  This is an example:

What was shippedThis product was wrapped (but should have been better secured, you can see it is not attached to the pallet, if I was the driver I would not have signed for this and asked for it to be attached to the pallet) and the driver signed for it.

Signed BOLThe driver signed for it.  If the driver was not happy with how it was packed he should have asked for more shrink wrap to be put on, or not picked it up.  But he signed for it.  Stating it was good and could be shipped.

What we receivedWhat we got back.  Absolutely destroyed.  UPS dropped it, did not call and tell us, threw it in boxes and now it is a claim.  But because the customer documented with pictures the claim was easy.  They got the shipping cost refunded and full purchase price of the product.  So they saved the restocking fee and the shipping charge.  This worked out well.  But only because they took pictures and emailed those pictures before it arrived with us so we could compare and it was pretty obvious to say to UPS “this is not what you picked up“. The claim is the responsibility of the shipper, so make life easy on yourself and take some pictures!

In short and for those that just wish to skip to the end 🙂

  1. Please take pictures of the product securely packed.
  2. Email us those pictures as soon as it is picked up referencing your RA#.
  3. Then we will be in touch once we receive it our end.

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